Can I choose which classes I take?

GFP students are required to take three Earth Expeditions courses for a total of 21 credit hours and 14 credit hours of Core Courses, which take place exclusively within the Dragonfly Workshops web-based learning community. You can find the GFP course of study and a list of required classes by year at All students are required to take one of two introductory, foundational Earth Expeditions courses in their first year. In the following two summers, students rank their Earth Expeditions course selections, and we work hard to place them in one of their top three choices. We place more than 400 students every summer in our international courses, so, as you can imagine, ensuring everyone's first choice would be a difficult task. And while travel is an important and transformative part of the GFP, even more important is the collaborative change, environmental partnerships and connection that occurs in all of our Earth Expeditions courses. In addition to the fact that our students can live anywhere in the world and take our courses, the program's flexibility lies within a student's ability to self-direct each project he or she takes on within the framework of the course structure, to guide his or her own degree experience.