Can I transfer an Advanced Inquiry Program Web+ course into the GFP?

Yes.  Up to 7 credit hours of previously taken AIP Web+ classes may be transferred towards your master's.  Students wishing to transfer 7 credit hours or more of AIP Web+ courses may use them to replace one Earth Expeditions course.  Students with fewer than 7 credit hours of AIP Web+ courses may use them to replace BIO 633 Issues in Biodiversity*.  For these credits to be applicable toward your GFP degree requirements, you must have:

1) been accepted to the master's program.

2) participated in the GFP for at least one semester.

3) received a grade of “B” or better in your transferred course(s).

4) registered for the course(s) through Miami University.

5) taken the course(s) within 5 years of the projected graduation date for the master’s.

6) completed the Request to Dragonfly Graduate Committee form.

Note: No more than 7 credit hours of AIP Web+ classes, and no more than 11 credit hours total, can be transferred into the GFP.

* Students who can demonstrate that they have previously completed a course on evolutionary theory may also have the option of replacing BIO 634 Issues in Evolution.