Is it possible for me to obtain a student ID?

Based on the information that has been shared with us by Miami University’s “H.O.M.E.” (Housing Options, Meals and Events) office, which issues student ID cards, the deciding factor as to whether or not a student may receive a student ID card from Miami is whether or not the card serves a functional purpose to the student on campus (e.g. door access, pay for print, vending sales, etc.)  If any student in the program will need to utilize services on campus, then the issuance of a Miami University photo ID is certainly possible.  But if the card would not fulfill a functional need on campus for the student, a card will not be issued.

For non-official purposes (reduced rates at conferences, organizational membership at the student level, etc.), Project Dragonfly can prepare a letter for you that verifies your enrollment and standing in the master's program.  Enrollment verification for official purposes (such as student loan deferment) must be obtained through the National Student Clearinghouse - please see for instructions and information.