I have not taken any biology courses to date. Will this affect my application?

No. It is okay if you have not taken an undergraduate biology course (or its equivalent). This will not affect your application/acceptance to the master's program.  All applicants, regardless of their academic background will be considered.

However, satisfactory completion of one college-level life science course (e.g., general biology, general ecology, etc.) or its equivalent is required to complete the master's degree. If you are accepted into the program and you have not met this requirement, you will be notified and can then enroll in a biology course during your master's studies to fulfill the requirement. Dragonfly offers a web-based course, Biology through Inquiry, that fulfills this requirement.  Details and additional information on the biology course requirement are available at:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Biology Course Requirement for Project Dragonfly Master's Programs.