Are there physical requirements?

For the Earth Expeditions courses that GFP students take as part of their course of study, students must be in good health and be able to sustain moderate physical activity. Walking and spending many hours outside should be expected during your field experience. If you have been living a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, we suggest that you begin moderate exercise at least two months before departing on your Earth Expeditions course: walking or hiking is perfect; include a range of flat and hilly terrain in your training. It's a good idea to walk with a daypack as you will almost always have daily supplies with you during the course.

While most Earth Expeditions are not continuously physically strenuous, they are active.  There will be physical activity every day: swimming in shallow or deeper water while snorkeling, or hiking, sometimes in steep or rugged terrain. If your body is conditioned to this type of exercise, you will have more stamina and be better able to fully enjoy your surroundings and take in the educational opportunities on the trail. Depending on the Earth Expeditions location, environmental factors such as heat, humidity, and altitude can impact your mental and physical capacities. Being physically prepared will help you handle these challenges with a spirit of adventure. Rest assured, students from their 20s to their 70s have participated fully in Earth Expeditions courses.